How Much Does Electrical Work Cost?

This is a valid question for any reasonable person to ask, especially when we are inviting someone into our most valuable possession, our homes. When it comes to electrical work on our home it would be advisable to ask for a (FREE) quote specifying in US dollars the amount of materials and the number of hours that a specific project would take. This is simply common sense. In today’s market we should use our resources very carefully.

Caution should also be given when selecting the contractor; we would want to make sure that they are licensed and properly insured. Also a warning for those that are encouraged to pay time and materials per project, this could lead to higher costs to you the consumer. In most cases this is a lack of experience on the part of the contractor, and could lead to a project not being finished due to a lack of funds.

So again don’t feel shy about asking; How much is this going to cost? After all it is your money and your home.

A word of advice: Most electrical contractors will charge a mobilization fee, which is the cost of showing up at your door. It may be a set fee, or it might be based off of a mileage cost. Then there is the cost per hour which is the company’s fee that is charged to pay for employees. Next there is a cost for materials; in most cases the materials will be marked up 10-35% to cover warranty issues. In this economy most companies will only mark up products like breakers, ballasts in fixtures, or other electronic devices.

Another word of advice: Keep in mind. Some companies will provide a cost proposal instead of a direct cost per project or bid. This can come back to haunt you because a proposal is only a statement for a recommendation or suggestion indicating a willingness to negotiate. Which can lead to further costs to you because you never really reached an agreement on cost, it was only a suggested cost which can lead to further complications.

So again ask; How much is this going to cost, and have them put it in writing.

Your Rogue Valley Electrician, C. McCumber