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Licensed Residential Electrician

We pride ourselves on being licensed, knowledgeable, experienced and efficient. When you are looking to get work done on your home, you need an electrician who has a wide range of skill. Not only are we experienced at installing home generators, lending our expertise and getting to work on commercial and industrial jobs, but we are also seasoned residential electricians. And although the common saying “you get what you pay for” is generally a good motto to go by, we also pride ourselves on being very competitively priced – despite our exceedingly high quality of work.

Residential Home

We’ve worked on many homes and many projects throughout the valley. Whether we’re doing electrical work on a custom home remodeling a modest manufactured home, we always make sure that the job is done correctly and on schedule.

Residential Electrical Contracting Services

All of our customers receive superior service and competitive pricing. Here is a list of the main residential electrical services we provide:

  • Electrical Design
  • New Construction
  • Remodels
  • Mobile Homes
  • Service Changes
  • Interior & Outdoor Lighting
  • RV Hook-Up
  • Span & Hot Tubs
  • Low Voltage
  • Phone & Data Communications
  • Home Theater & Surround Sound

There are many items in your home that relate to your electricity. When you consider that everything from the light switches and lights to the outlets and other fixtures all play a part in how well your home, it’s important to have the assistance of good electricians who offer a wide range of services. When you choose our services at your residence you can rest assured that you will get skilled and trained electricians who are committed to provide you with safe and quality craftsmanship. You can trust our integrity, reliability and professionalism as we provide you with the best services for all of your electrical needs.

New Construction & Remodels

If you are looking at remodeling your home, you can rely on us for all of your electrical needs as we specialize in every area of your home. Even for the new construction of your residential property, our professionals are highly qualified in the installation and fixing of any kind of electrical systems.

Interior & Outdoor Lighting

Lighting makes a huge impact on creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Solar lamps, outdoor floor and outdoor table lamps are some of the most popular aspects that are used in outdoor lighting, and we have years of experience installing these. Our electricians ensure that these interior as well as outdoor lighting fixtures are installed with up-to-date and modern lighting technology. These are strategically positioned at different locations of your home for ensuring brightness at every corner of your home. You can either opt for traditional or bold designs of these lighting elements for making your home look bright and attractive.

Service Changes

If you need to upgrade the main electrical service of your home, our professionals are at your services. Since old electrical appliances tend to consume more electricity, there are times when repairs or slight adjustments need to be made. Hence it is important to make use of the technologically advanced equipment in your home to make your life easier and simpler. The residential electrical services that need changes includes antiquated breaker switches, noise emanating meters or panels, flickering lights, old fuses and more.

RV Hook-Up

Recreational vehicles at your home need power. We can get you completely setup for a RV hook-up. Some items in the setup include an air conditioning unit, multiple entertainment systems and dryer/washer facilities. If your RV requires a electrical hook-up box, we are just one call away to provide you with the highest quality service.

Spas & Hot Tubs

Having a spa or hot tub in your home is an excellent way to unwind and relax. We can not only do the initial installation, but we can also finish up any jobs that you may have started but have not had the time to finish.

Phone & Data Communications

Installation of the phone and data network can be a dangerous endeavor because the wiring of these can lead to electrical sparks and fires. Hence you should leave this task to our electricians who are especially trained for doing every kind of electrical task with complete efficiency and dedication.