Home Air Conditioner Not Working? Common Issues To Check Before Calling A Professional

Most homeowners would agree that in order to fully enjoy the comfort of their home it is important to have a reliable and dependable air-conditioner. However, there are instances when a home air-conditioning system will fail at the most unexpected or inappropriate time. When that happens it is good to know a few of the more common reasons why a home AC fails or malfunctions. In fact, the top reasons why an air conditioner made not be working are rather simple and straightforward.

Home Air Conditioner

This makes it easy for homeowners to make the best choices when this type of problem does arise.

Check For Faulty Wiring

For example, bad wiring is an all too common problem that homeowners may encounter in older air conditioning units and HVAC systems as well as even those that recently been installed. Faulty wiring is a major concern because it can be a fire hazard and can present serious problems for the homeowner.

If you suspect or believe that your air-conditioning system has faulty wiring do not turn the system on and simply contact a HVAC professional as soon as possible. This is one situation where delaying is not recommended. Many home fires have started over the years because of faulty wiring within an air-conditioning system.

Never take chances and always call in a professional air conditioning repair person.

Check For A Dirty Air Filter

In addition, there are many cases where a home HVAC unit or air-conditioning system has completely failed or stopped operating simply because the coil has become frozen. This problem is most notable because it causes restricted airflow or complete airflow interruption in the system. It is also important to note that a coil that has become frozen is typically the result of a dirty air filter that has not been replaced for a long period of time. Along with a dirty air filter, a blocked or obstructed air duct can cause a coil to freeze over.

If you suspect that this is indeed the case simply contact us for assistance.

Check The Thermostat For Replacement

Along with bad wiring and a coil that has become frozen there are situations where the outside component or outside unit of an HVAC system simply fails to operate. There are many reasons why this may happen. For example, interruptions in power or even something as simple as a broken or non-functioning thermostat may cause the outside unit to completely stop operating.

This is one situation where a homeowner may choose to simply replace the thermostat in order to return the system to normal operation. However, if there’s any doubt or question with regard to what is causing the outside unit to malfunction it is again best to call in a professional HVAC technician. Homeowners who are not sure should always do the right thing and contact a professional.

Check For Leaks

When a system has low refrigerant levels this may also cause a serious malfunction in a typical HVAC unit. As many people already know, refrigerant is simply the coolant that is used in today’s modern air-conditioners to produce cool air. When refrigerant levels are low and are caused by a leak or other type of problem the system will simply not perform as intended.

The best remedy in this situation is to have a professional air conditioning technician re-charge or replace the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system. Leaks are particularly troublesome because they will cause refrigerant to continually leak out of the system. An air-conditioning professional can isolate the leak, repair the leak and recharge the system for normal operation.

Issues Can Be Detected Early

These are just a few great examples of common reasons that an air-conditioning system or HVAC unit will stop operating unexpectedly. Staying proactive when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system is always the best choice as a homeowner. This includes having regular routine annual checkups performed on your system. Annual inspections are very inexpensive and offer a great advantage to homeowners in that problems and issues can be detected early and then resolved. This ultimately saves homeowners a tremendous amount of money over the long term.

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